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When things go terribly wrong

When things go terribly wrong

In a situation where something unexpected happens, what should you do?

  1. Panic
  2. Blame the universe
  3. Accept that the next several hours of your life are going to be remarkable and accept it

This past weekend, several things went terribly wrong. Let me preface this by saying that at this moment I’m not home. I’m not in Shanghai, and not even in China. I’m in East Berlin, writing this from an apartment in Kreuzberg. And here, in Eastern Kreuzberg is where things so very rapidly went south. It’s not worth writing what happened exactly, because some things don’t merit any number of words, but I’m just glad we made it out of the situation in one piece.

As a ‘blogger’, the question of what I write and what I don’t write about is something that is constantly on my mind. In my writing (and life), I feel that it’s wrong to recount events that happened as “I did this thing” and then “I went here and saw this neat monument”. At the same time, this isn’t a 16-year-old’s Tumblr blog where I am abstractly describing my emotions (“I feel so angsty so let me not tell everyone why”). Sure, there are things that I’ve written about that inevitably bring up difficult feelings, such as the Elmhurst, or that one time I lost it on the J train coming from Park Slope, but in general I’ve tried to focus on the positives.

So when things went terribly wrong, I went with no. 3.

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