The Sacred and the Profane

Four years ago, I spent a magical summer in Paris, capturing memories in a long-forgotten blog. Every Thursday, I’ll post my favorite entries from that blog. This is reprinted from 7-7-10.


My day began in a church. My afternoon ended in the Red Light district. 

First of all, I’ve realized that I live in a colorful neighborhood of Paris. The 18th arrondissement is trendy, raw, and unbidden. The streets are filled to be brim with a plethora of people of all cultures, street peddlers, and men making corn (why corn? I ask myself this every day) to sell during the afternoon. I guess it would be like the Meatpacking District. Inwardly upscale but with an edge.

Besides, I’m only a ten minute walk from the Sacré Coeur Basilica. The whole place (which I guess is part of the Eastern Montmartre) is raw. There’s no sugarcoating. There are barely any tourists. This is Paris without the glitz and glitter. And in a way, i love it. 

Also, France, what is with these Orangina ads? They’re everywhere! And no, I do not think that they are appropriate or attractive. Now every time I drink an Orangina I am reminded of a genetic mutation. Maybe I dont understand the avant-garde aspect of it. Or perhaps people here find fur cover bikini-clad girls with animal heads attractive.. 





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