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When you're away from a home that isn't quite your home

The sun setting over planet Tatouine Shanghai in the smog.
The sun setting over Shanghai in the smog planet Tatouine.

If my life were a movie, right now would be a great time for a montage. This would be the kind of montage (set to a Jay-Z song, naturally) that has cutaways of work days under fluorescent lights, Terminal two of Hongqiao airport, falling asleep awkwardly on planes, 1.5 hour cab rides, and verbal arguments with my cab drivers. Also a frame or two of me chugging caffeinated beverages (mostly tea).

In short, I feel like I’ve been letting work get to me. And I don’t like it. It’s not me to be that one person who doesn’t have the energy to go out, or who has to leave someplace early, simply because I’m too exhausted. But I’m at my wit’s end. I’m roughly 3 more work days away from actually turning zombie (‘BRAAAAAINS BRAIIIINS’). And so, at the moment, I’m trying to balance the things I actually want to do, with the things that are actually good for me (like sleeping, pajamas, and that body scrub I brought from France).

I haven’t quite mastered this work-life balance thing yet. Or this business trip balance yet. Or how not to look like I just came back from a ‘four-day-college-weekend’ bender every time I’ve exited a plane. But I’m getting there.

A short snapshot of my last two weeks:

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