When it rains..

When it rains..

This weekend, it poured. It didn’t just pour, it typhooned. I got caught in a massive rainstorm running errands on Saturday and hid out under an awning on Changle Lu while the rain came down in sheets and other people littered under store fronts hoping that the rain would pass. It didn’t. It kept raining for almost an hour.

It rained so hard that I looked like a wet dog fresh from a dip in a pool. It rained so hard that our balcony bathroom flooded, our living room flooded, and our power breaker tripped and killed the electricity in the entire apartment. Perhaps this is call to start looking for a new one..

Luckily, D found a repairman to patch up our power (by flagging down a man on a scooter in the middle of a crowded intersection – time was off the essence) and we were off to Hangzhou for the weekend. I’ve been to Hangzhou a few times – mostly to see West Lake and to get bitten by lake flies – but this time we were going to visit friends who are moving out of China in a matter of days.

We skipped the lake for a hike up a small mountain to look down at the lake through a gaggle of trees. We spent 10rmb each to go to the world’s least-haunted haunted house (aka where Halloween party store decorations from 2014 go to die). We ate local muslim food and rode mopeds down to visit Longjing tea fields. We forgot all about the rain.

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