The most beautiful things about Florence

The most beautiful things about Florence

I feel like the word breathtaking is overrated.

We use it so much that when something truly takes our breath away – and I mean with that sharp intake of breath and an utter loss for words, I completely lack the vocabulary to put my feelings into words.

But Florence, Florence was breath-taking.

I’ve found it incredibly difficult to write about our time in Italy, because on the second day of the trip, I spontaneously contracted pneumonia, and the entire vacation soon became unbearable. I didn’t know it was pneumonia at the time, but the pain was so sharp that I felt my left lung was collapsing.
And yet.. when I think of Florence, I don’t think of the clutching pain of climbing up to the Piazzale Michelangelo. My first memories of the city are standing, in child-like awe in front of the Duomo, feeling swept away into another world.

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