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Shanghai Summer

The bead of sweat forms at the nape of my neck and travels to the small of my back. We breathe in the warm air, gulping sea water in the Shanghai humidity. My shirt sticks to the back of my neck.

It’s 95ºF in Shanghai and summer is just beginning. It’s hard not to feel sticky with sweat, during the days. Minutes after the AC stops, the sweating starts and perspiration sets in. When I leave my bedroom, my living room is a sauna every morning I wake up. It’s getting to the point where it’s unbearable to wear pants. Everything sticks to you, clothing feels damp, the air feels damp. You feel damp

One thing that I used to love about New England summers is that time, right around 10:30pm, when the night chill sets in, and no matter where you are, in bed under a light blanket, on a rooftop on your second, third, or fourth Magic Hat No. 9, or still smelling like the smoke of the bonfire, you put on a cardigan, wrap a scarf around, do something because the air turns colder.

That just doesn’t happen in Shanghai. Until September, maybe October the air is heavy with humidity and you never stop that feeling of being partially submerged in a lukewarm shower.

7 thoughts on “Shanghai Summer”

  • I am just happy that we only have been to Xi’an during summer time and not Shanghai…in Xi’an it is surely hot as hell but they got no high humidy making it more bearable. When we were in Shanghai this spring we only had rain and it was pretty cold :p

    • ahh yes! it was cold until almost the end of April! The past few weeks have been really bad.. I’m dreading that it’ll be like this until October!!

      • Our visit in Shanghai and the surroundings wasnt really the best of times thanks to the weather. In Xi’an we had over 30 degrees celsius and then in Shanghai only 14 with tons of rain 😮

    • I can’t imagine monsoon rains, I can barely keep up with this humidity! It’s been in the 80s the past few days and it’s like being in a completely different city..

  • I can’t believe that I’m saying this… but I actually miss the summer heat & crazy air conditioner in Shanghai. London does not have a real summer -_-:

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