Thoughts on the prune


I’m both enthralled and disgusted by the word prune. It’s one of those words that you want to have really dirty, secret sex with, and then never call again. Prune. Just saying it is making my face squish in a really unattractive way. Prune.  In Russia, we call prunes black plums, put them into cakes (seriously, I’ve never eaten a cake in Russia that did not have prune in it in some form.. and I’ve eaten a lot of cake), look at them as a foreign delicacy. Okay, so maybe this is just a testament to how disgusting Russian cooking is. I mean, we add potatoes, mayonnaise, and canned peas together and somehow call it a ‘salad’. We pickle things that no one in their right mind would ever pickle. A solid half of Russian cuisine involves numerous combinations of meat fried in dough.

But there’s got to be more to this prune thing, right? Gabrielle Hamilton seems to think so.


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