the best is yet to come

my love affair with macaroni

So here I am, starting a blog. It’s been a while.

I deleted my old Tumblr on January 11th, 2011 — the first day of the Spring Semester of my sophomore year and I never looked back. I’m honestly not sure why I did it, to this day. I remember feeling upset when I found my parents had read the blog, but that wasn’t it. I had written obsessively about my time in France, my time in Russia, and my experiences navigating sophomore year after a tumultuous summer abroad. Flipping through my private posts, I realized I had written pretty deplorable things about a person (or three, or four, or well, many). The posts were private, but they were still there, a testament to my negativity and perhaps I deleted the blog to get away from that.

Now I’m starting again. Some big changes are coming my way and I want to be able to document them, although to be honest, I’ll probably just end up writing about food, about my experiences as a frugal college student, scarfing down greasy slices of pizza (which now sadly cost 2.60$ at a-one) standing up in my kitchen, while dreaming about planning elaborate dinner parties. But I also want to write about life, about getting past the negativity of those years, about recapturing the joy of my earlier posts, about my cynicism, and about macaroni

So here I am. I’m not sure where this will take me. I’ll post some recipes. Write some rants about my life. Probably describe a time (or twelve) when I burned my left pinkie trying to take a pot off of a stove. And cook a lot of pasta long the way.

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