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My blog post was stolen

My blog post was stolen

I guess, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

I found a post by another Shanghai blogger today, which was almost a point by point re-write of a post I had written about finding apartments a few months back – down to its title! I don’t think mine was a groundbreaking post by any means, but hot damn. It was a quite alarming to find something so sneakily similar to what I had written, even down to the bullet points and the order of the steps. Eesh

I don’t want to link back to her blog (and I’ve contacted her to ask for attribution, since well… I mean, it’s pretty much my post on her blog). There are differences in the word choice, but the idea of the post, its structure, and many of the points are identical. Here are just some of the highlights:


“Step 2: Pick the style of building you want to live in. Here are the two most common options: [lane houses and highrises]”
“2. Decide whether you want to live in a compound or old lane house”

“Some things a high-rise may offer: Doormen who pick up packages for you”
“There are many advantages to living in a compound, such as 24h guards, ”

“Step 4: Begin your search. You’re ready.[…] – this is probably your best bet.”
“Start searching online (we searched on SmartShanghai) or ask your colleagues for real estate agents recommendations.”

“Step 5: Don’t believe the BS that people tell you about their apartments. “
“Check, check, and check again your chosen apartment
There are so many dodgy things to look out for, especially here in China. For example…”

“Any obvious signs of mold.”
“Check for mold and be suspicious .”

“The water heater. Is the heater just a giant water tank that will run out of hot water 15 minutes into your shower?
The location of the circuit breakers.
“Check the condition of the pipes and your boiler and the location of it!”

“Step 6: Contracts do not matter. Or maybe they do, but nothing is set in stone until the deposit is paid.”
“7. The rental contract as a general guideline”

(italics are mine, below are hers)


I’ve never been in situation like this before. What does one usually do? Internet-shame? Hack into their WordPress? Be thankful that someone is actually paying attention to this blog? Lil bit of everything?

In any case, this made my Thursday. I’ve got so much to write and so many posts to publish. I’ve been in Japan these last few weeks, but I’m coming back home to Shanghai tomorrow. Thank goodness there are so many identical guides to finding apartments in the city!

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