maria and macaroni

I miss carbs.

Ever since the gastronomical nightmare that was my last trip to China (thinking about all of the unidentifiable things I put into my mouth to appease old Chinese women still makes me cringe), I’ve been trying to eat healthier. And somehow it’s stuck. It started as one of those crazy cleanses people go on in January, loading kale and sorghum (what is sorghum? it feels like a thing health-people eat) onto their shopping baskets. But by now I’ve fully transitioned into a a carb-free, gluten-free, happiness-free diet. Look, I know almost everything has some degree of carbs, and gluten isn’t actually bad for you (there is very little in this world that makes me happier than a freshly-baked loaf of roasted garlic ciabatta), but for the last months, I’ve most been eating vegetables, fiber, and protein (and sadness). I’m not trying to diet to lose weight (the half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Core ice cream I had for dinner last night took care of that), but I have been feeling marginally healthier.

That being sad, I miss pasta. I miss macaroni. Back when my culinary ambitions for this blog were at a high, I had wanted to cook my way through every kind of pasta I could find. Well.. that’s no longer the case. Now all I can do is stare at pasta longingly from afar. I am bracing myself to experience as much of the culinary scope of Shanghai without eating rice, noodles, bread, or meat. Seems pretty miserable, no?

But I still like the name Pasta Republic. I had imagined talking about my kitchen, but I just ended up talking about my life. Cooking is hard. Living is easy.


On a lighter note, my second batch of ginger beer went off without a hitch!

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