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E.coli or not, I will never give up on you, Chipotle

A sentence I thought I’d never say: This is the fourth time I’ve gone back to the U.S. in a year and a half. It’s no longer as shocking as it used to be, and maybe that’s a good thing. The first time back, there’s this tendency […]

Impressions of the Pacific-Northwest in the Summer

Seattle Our 10-hour layover in Seattle was my first encounter with what I guess is the region called the ‘Pacific Northwest’ after an awkward 9th grade class reading of “Snow Falling on Cedars” (as 13-year-olds, we clearly couldn’t handle the handkerchief scenes). In Seattle, the emerald […]


The second time coming back home it finally hits you that China has started becoming something familiar and comforting (doubtful I would have said that in May). I feel like on any trip anywhere really, you sort of crave the comforts of things you recognize […]