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New York

What we write about when we write about New York

What we write about when we write about New York

I used to dream about New York. When I closed my eyes, I dreamed of pillowy snow heaps falling outside my window in Astoria, about the hum of the radiator warming up the apartment. I used to dream about the entire building smelling of that one greek […]

E.coli or not, I will never give up on you, Chipotle

A sentence I thought I’d never say: This is the fourth time I’ve gone back to the U.S. in a year and a half. It’s no longer as shocking as it used to be, and maybe that’s a good thing. The first time back, there’s this tendency […]

Maria's New York

The past two weeks have been a little frustrating, because I’ve been just too overwhelmed by the experience of being home, and as a result haven’t really been able to write about them coherently (and isn’t that the mark of a bad writer? or maybe […]

The L-Pocalypse and other (good and bad) impressions of being back in New York

Uber Uber has been such a lifesaver. On the grand scale of things, I really don’t think much has changed since I’ve left the States (Kombucha is still a thing. Everybody, calm down; there’s no need to panic). But the one thing that I would say has […]

What is an authentic New York experience?

What is an authentic New York experience?

This entry is being written from inside a coffee shop in Bushwick. I’m eating a gluten-free raspberry oat bar and drinking a 8 oz French Press. And it’s beautiful how happy those two things make me in tandem.  It’s incredible how, on our return home, these mundane experiences […]