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The courage to eat with a spoon

The courage to eat with a spoon

Learning to use chopsticks in China is easy. Learning when not to use them is hard.   Dinner in Shanghai – my home for the past two years – is rarely eaten alone. A dinner is the sort of grand occasion where one squeezes a group of […]

Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple Hand Pies

Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple Hand Pies

I’ve started preparing for a 16 km Tough Mudder race and it feels like I haven’t been this ill-prepared for anything my entire life. And I don’t think it’s because the race itself will be that competitive or soul-crushing, but the fun of these ‘military’ type of […]

On eating dumplings and wrapping tacos

Zandie effortlessly pops the entire clove of garlic into her mouth. It’s Chinese New Year and we’re bao-ing dumplings to celebrate, as per new year’s eve tradition. The garlic clove just finished its swim in a shallow dish of shaoxing wine vinegar, but the pungency is still there. […]

How to spend Chinese New Year in Shanghai

I can always get behind traditions involving food.   Shanghai is wonderfully quiet during the Chinese New Year. This is a time when most foreigners peace out to seek warmer climates and most Chinese return home to celebrate  with their families and be pestered about their jobs, lack of husband, […]

The first signs of Autumn

I’ve been keeping a pot of soon-to-be apple cider company for the past two and a half hours. I’m trying to pretend that it’s fall in Shanghai, even though it’s already October and I wore a tank top outside today. So here I am, peering over about twelve […]

Cooking Chinese Food is all about the oil

My (very basic) understanding of Chinese Cooking goes like this: Always make sure the wok is already smoking before you add oil. When you think you’ve added enough oil, add two more teaspoons. Or heck, a ladleful while you’re at it. Soy Sauce is salty. Oyster […]

maria and macaroni

I miss carbs. Ever since the gastronomical nightmare that was my last trip to China (thinking about all of the unidentifiable things I put into my mouth to appease old Chinese women still makes me cringe), I’ve been trying to eat healthier. And somehow it’s […]

Maldon Sea Salt and moving out

There’s a box of Maldon Sea Salt flakes on my spice rack. It’s had it out for me for years.   It’s been nestled between a box of chana masala and bottle of Japanese sesame oil, starting at me. And for the past two years, I’ve […]

yesterday, I got into a fight with a toaster oven.

Unfortunately, the toaster oven won. So now the back of my left hand is sporting an inch-long dark burn, which no longer hurts, but still gives me the grizzled mark of a kitchen veteran. I’ve had my fair share of kitchen accidents — putting my […]

Butternut squash and other unpleasantries

I have a love-hate relationship with fall. I love sweater weather, mulled cider, the crackling of  New England leaves beneath my feet, and any excuse to eat apples (in pie form and non-pie form alike). But I hate.. squash. Butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkins (is […]