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2014: The year in brunch

I think 2014 was the year I re-discovered brunch.

Now okay, that’s a sweeping (and honestly kind of stupid) statement, but it’s kind of true. Brunch is not one of those meals that we need to eat (like breakfast is supposedly, but for me, lately it’s been reduced to a hurried cup of black tea and gluten-free granola).

Brunch is excessive, decadent, indulgent. (eggs & waffles & alcohol & hollandaise, and that’s just the first course). It’s about greasy hangover cures. It’s about celebrating a meal with people you care about for no apparent reason. And although the New York times may have said that brunch is over (and to some extent I agree), I think that going to brunch has been an indicator of how my year has gone. Brunch is one of those meals you rarely eat alone (and when you do, no one will judge). Brunch is an occasion. It’s a reason not to spend a Saturday lounging in my ratty college sweatshirt and drinking stale tea while eating microwave oatmeal. Brunch tells the world, I’m alive! (Or at least awake)

So what does it mean? It means that sometimes we can slow down and enjoy hours of fried food, battered in gravy, cajun sauces, and a six pack of beer.  Sometimes brunch turns in an afternoon stroll with a group of six. And sometimes it’s two cups of coffee and a strict deadline.


So here’s to living (and eating) fearlessly.


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  • Yes, this makes me jealous. Ever since I started working in a company again (before just freelancing…) I keep my lunch time very short as to get earlier home. The downside to this is that I never eat proper lunch or related during the the week, just going across the street, buy some sandwich and back to work again.
    Now I fear that I am very very hungry 🙂

    • Yeah something that i noticed in China is that everyone eats their meals much slower than in the US, whether its by themselves or a big group lunch.

      Sorry for rhe late reply! 🙂 ijust moved and im afraid i dont have my internet set up at home yet

      • I don’t mind any late replies 🙂
        But yes, I China eating out is more like a social activity while as here for me during work time it is more about refueling my body to endure the last hours before going home

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